From The Neolithic To The Sea: A Journey From The Past To The Present


53°14′52.8″ N 1°37′22.8″ W
Pre 1086

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Baslow is a village in the Peak District, located between Sheffield and Bakewell, close to Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire.

The village is made up of several distinct areas, Bubnell, west of the river, Bridge End, by the river crossings, Over End, north of the main road and Nether End, adjacent to Chatsworth Park. Bridge End is the location of the original settlement, clustered around the church and the ancient bridge and ford across the River Derwent.

Nether End, located at the eastern end of the village, has several hotels, pubs, restaurants and tea rooms. There is also a caravan site and a pedestrian entrance to Chatsworth Park.

Over End is a residential area on the hillside to the north of the village. It contains Baslow Hall, just off Calver Road, which was once occupied by Sebastian Ziani de Ferranti, the radio and electrical pioneer and inventor, although it is now Fischer's Restaurant. Near the junction of Bar Road and Gorse Bank Lane was the site of a large Hydropathic hotel, which was demolished in 1936 and is now a small cul-de-sac called Hydro Close.

To the north of the village lies Baslow Edge which was once quarried for gritstone and features the Eagle Stone, an isolated 6-metre high block of gritstone. According to tradition, the local men had to climb this rock before they were worthy of marriage. Just behind it there is a monument to the Duke of Wellington, built in 1866 by the local dignitary, Dr Lieutenant Colonel E. M. Wrench. It marked an earlier visit by Wellington to the moor, and was also intended as a balance to the nearby Nelson's Monument.